Blood Donation

The Microbiology Laboratory in KG Hospital provides a variety of advanced and novel diagnostic tests.

Its aim is to offer “fast and quality diagnostic services at very affordable price” to various clinical departments.

It has 2 Sections

  • Culture Section
  • Serology Section

Both Sections have well qualified, well trained, experienced and dedicated staff.

The Department is equipped with automated equipments like,Vitek 2: For identification and conducting antibiotic sensitivity testing of all bacterial pathogens and candida species. BacT/Alert: An automated system for blood cultureBiosafety Cabinet Type II: To protect working personnel, to prevent sample contamination and to prevent contamination of working environment. Architect and Vidas: For conducting various serological tests like HIV, HBsAg, HCV, CMV etc.,

ELISA: For conducting serological tests like Dengue NS1, IgM, IgG.

GeneXpert: Real time PCR for detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Rifampicin resistance, Detection of HIV viral load and Detection of HCV viral load.

Appropriate sample for each test is accepted and processed immediately to provide faster results. The Consultants concerned are informed about any positive result flagged.

The Department is actively involved in continuous teaching and training activities. It gives training to DMLT students of the institute and also to students on rotatory posting from various institutes and various courses.

The Department also helps students from various universities and courses like M.Sc Microbiology and Ph.D in their research works.


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