Patient Education

KG Heart Centre educates the patients on major heart related ailments. This move enables the patients and their family members to get to know the heart condition, the tests required and the treatments on offer.

Angiogram / Angiography:

Angiogram/Angiography is an invasive imaging procedure that usually involves inserting a soft catheter into any one of the arteries (Radial or Femoral artery) leading to the heart or the brain and injecting a medical grade dye into the blood stream via the catheter.

This test helps to determine whether there is blockage in the artery due to fat deposits.


Angioplasty is an invasive procedure in which a specially designed balloon or a medical grade spring coil (stent) is placed at the narrowing point of the artery and inflated to dilate the artery to compress the fatty deposit into the wall of the artery, so as to open the artery to increase the blood supply to the targeted part.